David Shaman has been a leader and pioneer in the field of Healing & Personal Empowerment for 30 years.

For an overview of some of the services that he provides for the benefit and empowering of others, please feel free to browse some of the following links

For David's Mind/Body Healing Work Based on the "Ask & Receive" Technique Please Click on the Banner Below...

For David's Advanced Bodywork and Innovative Energy Work Please Click on the Picture Below...

 For David's Genuine Kung Fu and Self-Defense Training Please Click on the Picture Below...

For David's Bullying Prevention Work, Including His School Peacemaker Program, Please Click on the Picture Below...


  David Shaman also offers Group Drumming...

This can be positive for Team Bonding, Family Gatherings, Group Events, Social Celebrations & Just Plain FUN!!!! Please see below:


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David has also been legally ordained since 2006 to personalize and officiate all types of sacred ceremonies and rituals. 

He provides these services in a fashion that honors people of all religious traditions, and also those who prefer no organized religion at all.

A short list of some of the ceremonies offered:

* Weddings

* Civil Unions

* Child Dedications

* Crossing Over Services

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